Nick Arnosti

Brief Bio

I am an Assistant Professor at Columbia Business School.

I received a PhD in Operations Research from Stanford University in 2016.
I am thankful to have been advised by Ramesh Johari and Paul Milgrom.

I graduated from Williams College in 2011 with BAs in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and return to Minnesota every year for a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters.

Research Interests

My research focuses on rationing social goods. Academics call this “one sided allocation without transfers,” but I think it’s best explained as “how to give stuff away.”

Some of my work studies the lotteries and waitlists used to allocate affordable housing. I have also studied the procedures used by school districts to assign students to public schools. Similar ideas apply to waitlists for organs from deceased donors, and lotteries for immigration visas. Other (less weighty) applications include allocating hunting licenses, hiking permits, and discounted tickets to events.