Session 5: Introduction to Deferred Acceptance

Nick Arnosti


Lesson Recap


Lecture Slides (pptx version available to instructors upon request).

Homework (solutions available to instructors upon request).


Stable Marriage Assignment for Unequal Sets. McVitie and Wilson, 1970. (The first paper to establish a version of the result now known as the Rural Hospital Theorem.)

The Evolution of the Labor Market for Medical Interns and Residents: A Case Study in Game Theory. Roth, 1984. (Describes the process by which the NRMP was established.)

On the Allocation of Residents to Rural Hospitals: A General Property of Two-Sided Matching Markets. Roth, 1986. (Proves a slightly stronger version of the Rural Hospital Theorem.)

Jumping the Gun: Imperfections and Institutions Related to the Timing of Market Transactions. Roth and Xing, 1994. (Discusses the timing and centralization of matching processes in a variety of markets.) []